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The H.E.A.R. US (Heroin/Opioid Education, Awareness, & Remembrance… United we Stand) Initiative is an effort led by the Braidwood Area Healthy Community Coalition to raise funds designated specifically to address community concerns and needs surrounding the heroin epidemic affecting our area. The Initiative’s objectives are/will be met through fundraising activities/events/promotions to be determined and planned by BAHCC members.

Initiative Objective

  • To increase understanding of addiction by providing information and resources on:
    • Drug (and alcohol) prevention.
    • Reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors.
    • The signs of substance use/addiction.
    • The harms and effects of opioid and other drug use.
    • Recognizing and responding to overdose.
    • Naloxone (Narcan) - the drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdose.
    • Substance abuse treatment options and help for individuals still struggling with addiction.
    • Support groups for families and friends.
  • To provide opportunities to:
    • Remember those lost to overdose.
    • Raise awareness of the heroin/opioid epidemic to prevent further tragic losses.
    • Reduce the stigma of a drug-related death.
    • Acknowledge the grief felt by families and friends of those who have met with death or permanent injury as a result of drug overdose.
    • Show support for those who have loved ones still struggling with addiction.
  • To reduce barriers to access treatment.

Proceeds from H.E.A.R US Initiative fundraising activities/events/promotions will be used for any of the following as determined by the BAHCC Executive Board:

  • Community heroin/opiate/prescription drug awareness forums.
  • Drug Take Back events.
  • Purchase/distribution of educational material(s).
  • Purchase/distribution of drug test kits.
  • Purchase/distribution of narcan kits (and Narcan training sponsorship).
  • Financial assistance to those with demonstrated need for drug (and Alcohol) screening/assessment, counseling, and/or treatment with fees paid directly to providers.
  • Scholarship(s) to local students who have demonstrated knowledge of heroin/opiates/prescription drugs, addiction and/or substance use prevention.
  • Support of the Braidwood Police Department’s C.H.A.N.G.E. Program.

Potential Initiatives