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St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday known for good music, delicious food and fun. And excess drinking. Your kids are watching – or they could be participating.

Contrary to popular belief, kids do listen to their parents. What you say and how you act matters! Holidays like St. Paddy’s Day are a great opportunity to talk with your teen about alcohol and begin shaping healthier behaviors.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids offers the following great advice: 

  • Set clear expectations about avoiding alcohol—and remind them of the risks of underage drinking
  • Appeal to their self-worth by letting them know that they have a lot going for them and don’t need alcohol to have a good time
  • Be upfront and open about any family history of alcoholism or substance abuse
  • Celebrate safely with family by watching parades, making green pancakes and smoothies, or listening to traditional Irish music

Visit the Partnership website for lots more resources designed to empower teens to avoid alcohol and drugs every day, including Above the Influence, their youth-serving program that reaches over 1.6 million teens through social media and community-based partnerships.