We believe that our youth can do their best when they choose a drug-free lifestyle. 


                                                                       Ongoing Coalition Projects

Safe Homes
Safe Homes is a pledge-based, drug prevention project that helps parents communicate with each other and unite to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs by their children.

Post Prom
Post Prom is an after-prom party organized by students, parents, and school staff that provides a safe and festive place for students to celebrate.

                                                                      Our New Projects in 2013
Your Actions Matters Campaign
Braidwood Area Resource Directory

                                                                      Upcoming Coalition Projects

Youth Prevention Education (YPE)
The goal of this program is to add school curricula designed to increase prevention-related drug knowledge and resistance skills, ultimately enhancing "protective" factors for youth.

Communication Campaign
The purpose of this campaign is to change adult attitudes regarding providing alcohol to underage youth. The campaign will focus on creating a community norm that no adult will provide alcohol to underage youth.